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In 2006 I got a very clear message that it was time for me to apply all the knowledge I’d gleaned from my years of education and experience with young children. Find out more about me and my story…

Just in case you’d prefer to read my story in print:

I changed my first diapers and rocked my baby brother to sleep when I was 11 years old. I couldn’t believe how quickly he grew and learned! It was fascinating to watch him develop from a helpless infant into a walking/talking person in just two years.

When I went to college at University of Illinois I studied everything I could about infant and child development and got a degree in psychology with distinction. I got to work in the labs of renown psychologists Rene Baillargeon and Judy DeLoache. My original plan was to continue in psychology and get a PhD, but after spending a couple of semesters in the  lab working on my own unique research, I realized that I’m WAY too much of a people person to be stuck in a lab all day. I needed more personal interaction!

So, I went to work at Montessori schools. I LOVED working with young people in an environment so well suited to their needs. I learned so much from the Montessori philosophy about how to fully respect young people.

After working at schools for several years, I decided to become a nanny where I continued to hone my skills at providing clear boundaries, allowing children lots of freedom, and enjoying my time with them immensely.

At this time I also began my own journey of personal growth and transformation. My dearest friends and I began to explore “authentic relating” and created some of the deepest connections I’ve ever experienced.

Soon my friends and I were doing weekend workshops in San Francisco about authentic relating and spreading the word about deep connection far and wide on the web. I became a dating and relationship coach. In the past decade I’ve supported over a thousand men through my work with the Authentic Man Program and AMP Coaching.

After meeting my wonderful husband at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2006, I moved to Bend, OR and we were married in 2009. Our daughter was born the following year.

Being a parent has turned my world upside down in such a great way. My priorities got REALLY clear all of a sudden and I knew that being the best mom and wife I can possibly be is absolutely my #1 priority. I also got clear that putting my parenting work further out into the world is crucially important to me.

I want to live in a world where children are honored and respected. I want to help parents be relaxed and calm in the face of their children’s tantrums. I want to support families to create peace in their hearts and in their homes.

Will you join me?

Shelly Birger Phillips M.A.

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