Guest Blog: Family mediation- the power of the “third side”

This week’s guest blog is from Jill: Sometimes we think fighting is just “what kids (or adults) do,” rather than a way we engage when our needs aren’t getting met. I prefer to think of engaging peacefully as “what we do,” and that when we get off track, we can use a hand to get […]

Guest Blog: How to intervene when other adults disrespect your child

This week’s guest blog is from Jill: I’m happy to be back at as a guest blogger today. I wanted to share with you some thoughts on dealing with other adults in your life who interact with your children. As parents striving for greater consciousness, I have found it can sometimes be painful when […]

Endings and Beginnings

Jill says goodbye, and reflects on her time with Awake Parent; Shelly has some big news and muses on the future.

The taking-it-personally vortex

It’s hard not to take certain things kids say personally. I might be smiling, but I’m just an inch away from the taking-it-personally vortex.

What Do You Really Need in The New Year?

Happy Gregorian New Year! Whatever calendar we may observe as part of our many traditions, the popularity and ubiquity of the Gregorian New Year offers us a time to reflect, regroup and realign with what we want most. This past October, as part of my year-long program studying Nonviolent Communication  (NVC) mediation, I went on […]

Seek first to understand…

In his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey enjoins us to “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” As hard as this may be to remember to do with other adults sometimes, I find it even harder to remember to do with my son. Recently I got my son and his stepbrother […]

Rewind! A simple trick that really works.

Sometimes the best and simplest solutions are the hardest to remember. I’m not sure why that is. Back in the days when Shelly and I lived in the same city and taught classes “real-time,” one of the things we brought up frequently was that in real life, you don’t really get “rewinds,” where you can […]

Another look at demands

We don’t blog much about, and certainly don’t advocate much for, demands. But sometimes a seemingly rash move like a demand can really shake things up–in good ways. Last week a good friend of mine back east quit his job. His boss, who rarely had anything but criticism and sarcasm for him said, “I didn’t […]

“Have to?” Are you sure about that?

I’m gearing up for a five-day retreat in which I’ll study Nonviolent Communication Mediation intensively. As many of you know, I work as a mediator and Shelly and I use the insights of Nonviolent Communication, based on the work of Marshall Rosenberg, in our work here at Awake Parent. One of my favorite insights, or, […]

Appreciating the parent you are…

I want to appreciate you, just for being the parent you are. Will you join me? Would you please take a moment…even a fraction of a second…right now…and appreciate yourself as a parent? Seriously. How often do we take time–even a nanosecond–to appreciate not what we’re doing, but simply that we are being the grown-up […]