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Pre-parenting 101 Agile Parent Podcast!

Hey there! I recently had a lovely conversation/interview with John and Jahaira about their plans to get pregnant and become parents. We talked about early childhood development, sustaining a nurturing relationship with a partner before baby arrives, parent/child dynamics, mindset, and cultivating critical thinking in very young children. Also, we had fun and discussed how […]

4 Secrets to Mindful Giving During the Holidays

Guest Post by Megan deBoer As parents, we are often filled with conflicting desires during the holidays: we want to satisfy our children’s wishes, we want to make the holiday magical, we want to create our own family traditions all without causing financial stress and unwelcome credit card bills.  And so we try to plan… […]

7 Destructive Parenting Myths

As a parent coach, I hear all sorts of thoughts and ideas that just don’t hold up to the current research on child-development and attachment, but some of these myths have been handed down from generation to generation for so long that we can forget to question them. Here are the 7 parenting myths that […]

Guest Post: Finding Contentment in the Midst of Chaos

Guest Post by Heather Chauvin I used to believe that parenting was this ‘life sucking’ transition where you no longer can do anything for yourself and only give give give. That parenting model wasn’t working for me. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I knew something needed to change. The […]

My Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2012

In the past I used to write whatever I wanted on this blog and I still do that to a large extent. But this year I had a shift. I realized that I want this blog, this website, and my business to be more about what YOU want and less about what just happens to […]

The Santa Conversation

My daughter is two years old and I’ve been fretting about the Santa conversation. I’m clear that I don’t want to lie to her. I remember feeling betrayed and angry when I realized that Santa is mythical. And I’d like to save my daughter from that same break of trust. On the other hand, I […]

Sharing Your Kids With Your Ex During the Holidays

Divorce, it’s not a topic we usually think of when we’re considering holiday plans, but for children whose parents live separately, holidays can be both wonderful and complicated. I know they were for me. My parents divorced when I was five and optimist that I am, I could be heard saying things like, “I’m glad […]

Don’t Say That Do Say This: 20 Things Not To Say To Your Child (And What To Say Instead)

A few weeks ago a friend on my Facebook page asked for a list of things not to say to children so I decided to create one for all of us. This list is not exhaustive and I would love to add to it with your suggestions so please leave a comment if you’d like […]

How Setting Parenting Goals Can Completely Change Your Life

Photo by Suzette Hibble I’m frustrated with how things are. I know I want a change. I just wish things were different and easier and that I didn’t get a bunch of resistance at every step along the way. I try to talk to my husband about it and we get into a fight. I […]

Why Are Americans So Freaked Out By Nudity?

I was on Facebook yesterday and I saw this article about a man who is being charged with child pornography because he had videos of his naked children on his phone. He didn’t send them to anyone. From what I read, the content sounded harmless. And the only reason the videos were discovered was because […]