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How to Teach Toddlers to Share

This week at our Montessori inspired home based preschool something truly magical happened. Two year olds began sharing easily and generously without being forced, coerced, bribed, or scolded. I’ve never seen anything like it before. A couple of weeks ago there were a lot of tears as the children grabbed toys from one another, wrenched […]

Video: Access to Breakables

I am super excited to announce the upcoming release of my very first book!  Cracking the Kid Code will be available on October 18th.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content.

Guest blog: Eating Together- Make it a Priority for Your Family

This guest blog is by Kitty Holman: Well hello, 21st century.  In this day and age, we are lucky if our kids can look up from their iPhones to tell us how their day went.  With a constant flux of new inventions and technologies to make our lives “easier,” we are spending more and more […]

The trouble with texting

Last night as I was mindlessly flipping through television channels trying to find something interesting I happened upon a show in which young children were being interviewed by a journalist while their parents watched from a room nearby.  The kids were between the ages of three years old and six years old and the journalist […]

Guest Blog: Top 10 tips to deal with me now that I’m a grandparent

This week’s blog is from my stepdad Jim: I realize I’m working against my own interests here but, as someone who’s been a parent, I’ve got some advice for you on how to deal with grandparents now that you’ve just made me one. 1. You’re in charge: You think I’ve been overbearing in the past […]

Guest Blog: How to intervene when other adults disrespect your child

This week’s guest blog is from Jill: I’m happy to be back at as a guest blogger today. I wanted to share with you some thoughts on dealing with other adults in your life who interact with your children. As parents striving for greater consciousness, I have found it can sometimes be painful when […]

What to do about potty talk

Isn’t it amazing what kids find funny?  I’ve been surprised more than once by what seems hilarious to a 2, 4 or 6 year old.  And then I remember, their sense of humor is just developing.  Kids this age have a challenging time understanding word play and innuendo, but they do know that burps, farts, […]