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Brilliant Beginnings Preschool has openings!

Brilliant Beginnings Preschool Flier Now enrolling in NE Bend OR! A Montessori inspired preschool and toddler house for ages 2-6. Tues. and Thurs. mornings only Call Shelly at 415-312-1830 or email her at shelly (at) for more information

Montessori Inspired Plant Watering Activity

              Montessori Inspired Plant Watering Activity What you’ll need: A tray that you don’t mind getting wet A clear pitcher already filled with a small amount of water A hardy plant that needs a drink A nearby towel available for spills       Here my daughter discovers the […]

Easiest DIY Playscape Ever

What you’ll need: One Foam Board 5 sheets of 12×12 cardstock (4 green, 1 blue) A pair of scissors A gluestick A papercutter helps!     Just glue the green down first covering most of the board. Cut out your lake and/or river and glue everything down.         Add some animals and […]

First Sink and Float Activity

Julia’s first sink/float activity! I simply wrote sink and float at the top of a piece of card stock, drew a line down the center and then laminated it. Then I collected some items that sink and some that float. I poured the water into the bucket for her and she had a blast testing […]

Our new favorite geography game

Here’s a video of my daughter playing the new geography game  we invented: A few months ago I found this National Geographic world map and decided to glue it to a foam board to see if my daughter was interested in learning the continents.   Then, on our recent airplane trips we brought a small […]

Bean Sprouting Fun

A wide mouthed jar a bean a toilet paper roll a wet paper towel a week of sunlight and voila!

Inexpensive Book Display

Inexpensive Book Display- I’ve never liked using this for files in my office, so now I use it as a small book shelf and display in the bathroom. My daughter looks at books happily while I shower because they are so nicely displayed! Compared to front displaying bookcases, this is a very inexpensive option that […]

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawer 1: child-sized silverware, dishes, washcloths, snack cup, glasses, and cloth napkins.           Kitchen drawer 2: Towels, brush, and dustpan.

New Shelves!

 My dad came to visit last weekend and we whipped together these new shelves for all of Julia’s Montessori work. She loves seeing her activities so beautifully displayed and we built these shelves with minimal tools. Success!

First Montessori Cloth Washing Activity

I just used a plastic dish bin with about 2 inches of warm soapy water and this great child-sized washing board from Montessori Services I also got her smock there.  We put a towel down on the floor in case of spills. My daughter happily scrubbed away at these dirty rags and when she was […]