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Make your life easier, give kids their own drawer

When our daughter started to crawl we did what most parents do, we dashed around the house “baby proofing” everything in sight.  We moved dangerous things up or to cabinets that could be locked or secured.  I installed latches on cabinets containing cleaning products.  But as I looked around our home and imagined putting latches […]

Guest Blog: So, Who’s Calling the Shots? And How?

This week’s guest blog is by Kheyala: I was a kid – a very good kid – who knew what it was like to be raised on a very short leash.  For this reason, when I had my own little one, I was more than committed to allowing her the freedom which I had been […]

Setting boundaries with kids

In my parenting coaching I get a lot of questions from parents about how to discipline effectively and what to do instead of time-outs, spanking, yelling and other common discipline tactics. When I think about the word “discipline” I think it sets up a disconnecting power dynamic where I’m in charge all of the time […]

Trusting Kids

It’s easy to become overprotective of kids, especially our own.  It’s as if we can suddenly see 10 steps ahead and we KNOW that something horrible is about to happen.  But what if our children don’t actually need our warnings, fears, and concerns in order to keep themselves safe? When I was in college I […]

Redirecting anger in healthy ways

Everybody gets upset and angry sometimes and when I was young I thought that having someone near me who was angry was just about the worst thing ever.  But now that I’ve grown up and gotten in touch with my own anger, I actually think there are some really great benefits of anger!  You can […]

Another look at demands

We don’t blog much about, and certainly don’t advocate much for, demands. But sometimes a seemingly rash move like a demand can really shake things up–in good ways. Last week a good friend of mine back east quit his job. His boss, who rarely had anything but criticism and sarcasm for him said, “I didn’t […]

Cooking with kids: How preparing food for ourselves and our families contributes to everyone’s well-being.

I used to despise spending time in the kitchen. I didn’t like doing dishes, I didn’t know how to cook, and I preferred microwave meals to home cooked ones. Wow! Have things changed. Now I buy lots of fresh organic produce, free-range meats and eggs, and I enjoy coming up with new interesting creations and […]

How can I keep my independent two-year-old safe?

My friend Mindy had a recent challenge with her two-year-old son. She wrote: Shelly, We have a big challenge. I like to leave our doors open to the backyard, so Thomas and the animals (we have two dogs and a cat) can go in and out as they wish. Today Thomas crawled under the automatic […]