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The joys and challenges of spending the holidays with family

Happy holidays everybody!  I hope you’re having a lovely time together as a family and I know that when we get extra time together with our immediate families and especially when we spend time with extended family, tensions can run high.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Almost inevitably when we celebrate with […]

Tired of hearing NO!? Help your kids say YES!

Photo by Suzette Hibble The other day I was chatting with a friend and she was complaining that whenever she sees her niece all she remembers from the experience is lack of cooperation and a seeming mantra of “No! No! No!”  Her sister follows her niece around asking questions like “how about this?” or “what […]

One simple trick for hard times: Imagine how you want it to go

Learn how to keep peace of mind and a sense of control during your kids’ worst moments.

My child is scared of so many things…

As an introduction to Awake Parent’s new audio program, Perspectives on Feelings, Jill Nagle responds to a parent’s question about addressing her child’s many fears.

What if they only say “I love you” when they get what they want?

Hey Everybody, Jill and I are gearing up for the big launch of the Perspectives on Feelings audio program. So, we thought we’d start by answering some of your specific questions about how to deal with feelings and how kids express their feelings. In this video I describe some things that Marcella can try with […]

What to do when they’re being demanding

Our first video blog! Hey there!  I’m so excited about my very first Awake Parent video blog!  In today’s blog I’m answering a question from my friend Marcella, who’s having some challenges with her stepson.  Sometimes he has a “demanding attitude” and Marcella is ready to transform this irritating behavior.  Oh!  And prepare yourself for […]

How to get time for yourself: Set your kids up for independent play

Create new exciting activities your kids will love and read a novel for a change! Remember how you used to love to read for pleasure?  You’d spend hours in a well-lit room with a book and at the end of it, you didn’t know a new recipe, have another way to spice things up in […]

What kind of parenting life do you want? Get specific!

This article is kicks off our Whole Life Parenting series, which offers practical tips to meet the needs of both parents and children. It’s spring. Time to think about renewal, visions, and growing the lives we want. Do you want to have a life in addition to having a child? I think that’s perfectly reasonable. What […]

Got a wild child? Give ‘em more responsibility!

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but working in preschools has taught me that when kids act out, it’s often because they’re bored and want attention from us. I’ve noticed that when I give these kids MORE responsibility, jobs to do, and tasks to complete (without being too ATTACHED to them actually accomplishing the task) they […]

How I averted a power struggle and created a game instead

After I learned to Go for the Giggle, I had an experience with a child in which I could see two distinct choices before me of how to handle a potential power struggle. It was another afternoon with “Kyle”, six years old, and “Neil”, who was two. I was sitting in the playroom folding the […]