Appreciating the parent you are…

I want to appreciate you, just for being the parent you are.

Will you join me?

Would you please take a moment…even a fraction of a
second…right now…and appreciate yourself as a parent?


How often do we take time–even a nanosecond–to appreciate not what we’re doing, but simply that we are being the grown-up in this little person or these little people’s lives?

Just the fact of our existence and presence means they get to have a sense of themselves in the world as someone important, someone loved, someone special.

We are that gift!

No matter what human frailties we have exhibited, what things we’ve said or done that weren’t as we wished…we are here. And they are right where they are because we brought them into our lives.

So I say to you today: Well done, parents!

And if we do want to take it a step further…

Let’s appreciate our inherently human qualities…those things that mean the world to little ones (even though they may not realize it).

The warmth of our hugs…

The shine in our eyes when we watch them…

The glow of our smile…

Just as we appreciate the young people in our lives, just for being them…let’s take a moment to appreciate ourselves–just for being us–and what an amazing impact we have–just by being ourselves–on the lives of the young ones we care for.

Thank you, all parents, from the bottom of my heart, for showing up in whatever ways you can. It means the world to your children.

I know I can forget to appreciate myself…when I do, like right now, I realize, Wow, I am, after all, enough. Maybe even more than enough. 🙂

How do you feel when you take the time to appreciate yourself? Please tell me in the space below.



Guru Shakti
Guru Shakti

Beautiful Simply Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing.
.-= Guru Shakti´s last blog ..Help Getting Pregnant – Doing Your Research! =-.


Reading this post really hit me. I took a bit of time to think before replying. Being appreciated by my children or partner is totally different from appreciating myself for my part in their lives. Wow, and the significance in doing this is so important!
Now I need to strive to think of ways I can appreciate myself and get back to you!


I feel like crying when I read this. It's easy to feel this way about my beautiful chidlren but so hard to feel it about myself. Although the more I can feel it myself the better parent I can be.


It's so easy for me to get so focused on everything I think I'm doing WRONG as a mommy, so thank you for a little positive perspective. :)


Wow! Thank you Jill. We often forget to acknowledge ourselves for being so loving and generous. Or even just Present for our children. I appreciated your message very much and will forward it to my friends and family.
Thank you for being.


You're so very welcome, Valerie. Glad you enjoyed it.


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