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8 Ways to Help Kids With Anger

Emotion regulation is one of the biggest challenges children face. Heck, emotion regulation is one of the biggest challenges anybody faces! So how can we help kids learn to feel, express, and experience their emotions in a healthy and productive way? Joy and happiness are easy to encourage and enjoy. But when kids feel frustrated […]

What To Do When Toddlers Throw

Toddlers love to throw things, and why not? Throwing is fun and in our evolutionary past it was a crucial skill for young hunters to develop. Unfortunately for us, this urge to throw often comes out at the worst possible times and with the most breakable or dangerous items around. It also often happens when […]

Redirecting anger in healthy ways

Everybody gets upset and angry sometimes and when I was young I thought that having someone near me who was angry was just about the worst thing ever.  But now that I’ve grown up and gotten in touch with my own anger, I actually think there are some really great benefits of anger!  You can […]