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Forced Apologies Undermine Conflict Resolution Skills

Remember what it was like when you got into a squabble with your siblings or friends and at the end there was the inevitable, “Say you’re sorry” and you half-heartedly responded, “I’m sorry” and then the two of you were supposed to “make up” and play together again as if nothing had happened? I don’t […]

Guest Blog: Family mediation- the power of the “third side”

This week’s guest blog is from Jill: Sometimes we think fighting is just “what kids (or adults) do,” rather than a way we engage when our needs aren’t getting met. I prefer to think of engaging peacefully as “what we do,” and that when we get off track, we can use a hand to get […]

The development of will

What’s it like to be a 2-4 year old? (an excerpt from my soon to be released ebook!) As an infant and young toddler your child saw himself as an extension of you.  He had very little sense of distinction between himself and his parents.  In fact, if you think about it you can understand […]

Read it again please! The importance of story time

Reading to your kids is a crucially important part of your job as a parent.  And sometimes story time can begin to fall through the cracks of our busy lives.  So this week, I’m writing about the many reasons story time is such an important part of parenting.  I’m hoping to re-inspire you to commit […]

Connected Parenting Key: get curious

First of all, I’d like to introduce my newest audio program: 8 Steps to Connected Parenting For those of you who want a quick, easy guide to some of the most important aspects of creating connection with your kids, I’ve recorded 8 Steps to Connected Parenting, my audio guide to Conscious Parenting 101.  You can […]

Seek first to understand…

In his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey enjoins us to “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” As hard as this may be to remember to do with other adults sometimes, I find it even harder to remember to do with my son. Recently I got my son and his stepbrother […]

Free audio Tele-seminar with Shelly and Shera

Did you hear about my tele-seminar with Shera Davis on September 2nd?  It was so much fun and we got to answer some specific questions from parents like you about how to handle tantrums lovingly.  Shera’s insights and suggestions were fantastic! Because I appreciate you and enjoy having you as a member of Awake Parent […]

How to handle tantrums lovingly

Confused about how to deal with tantrums? I sure was. I couldn’t figure out why my students or charges would just flip out over seemingly trivial things like the color of their socks. There were times when I changed the color of a child’s cup so many times I had a huge pile of dishes […]

My child is scared of so many things…

As an introduction to Awake Parent’s new audio program, Perspectives on Feelings, Jill Nagle responds to a parent’s question about addressing her child’s many fears.

What if they only say “I love you” when they get what they want?

Hey Everybody, Jill and I are gearing up for the big launch of the Perspectives on Feelings audio program. So, we thought we’d start by answering some of your specific questions about how to deal with feelings and how kids express their feelings. In this video I describe some things that Marcella can try with […]