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Creating the emotional state you want, it’s easier than you might think!

Today I want to share something I learned from NLP (otherwise known as neuro-linguistic programming) called a “state change”.  We’re always in some sort of emotional state, whether happy, sad, excited, or frustrated.  And often it feels like we’re at the whim of our emotions.  When I’m frustrated it seems like there is no way […]

Creating the culture of your home

It seems like just about the time we feel we’ve given all we can and we need some “me time” kids suddenly need even more from us.  We can become frustrated and resentful and begin to give out of obligation or guilt, rather than giving from true generosity.  If that’s what’s happening for you, my […]

Laughter, the perfect antidote for a power struggle.

We’ve all been there, it’s time to leave, your child wants to stay and continue to play, you’re tired and ready to go, a conflict is brewing.  How we handle these difficult moments can be the difference between a fantastic day and a really rough one.  And really, either one is available to us in […]

Giving kids power helps them cooperate

If you’re noticing that your kids are having a difficult time cooperating or listening or generally following your lead, first let me remind you, you’re not alone.  Lots of parents go through this difficulty every day.  I know it can be super frustrating when you’re just trying to get things done, or get to the […]

The beautiful urge to bite and what to do about it

Young people are discovering their world and constantly coming up with strategies to meet their needs.  Sometimes these strategies cause pain and upset in others and are experienced as destructive. The most common examples of destructive behaviors in 1-5 year olds are hitting and biting.  Older kids often use their words to destructive means.  And […]

Free audio Tele-seminar with Shelly and Shera

Did you hear about my tele-seminar with Shera Davis on September 2nd?  It was so much fun and we got to answer some specific questions from parents like you about how to handle tantrums lovingly.  Shera’s insights and suggestions were fantastic! Because I appreciate you and enjoy having you as a member of Awake Parent […]

One simple trick for hard times: Imagine how you want it to go

Learn how to keep peace of mind and a sense of control during your kids’ worst moments.

Use your words, Mama! How to be vulnerable AND strong with your kids

I now have great sympathy for whomever said, “Children should be seen and not heard.” Sometimes it feels like the last thing I can manage is to process yet another whine, yell or insult at the end of a long day. It’s times like those I want to reach for an “off” button. Or to […]

Six quick steps to a happier family

Are you tired of tantrums? Give your kids an alternative Get more connected by Guessing Feelings By guessing your child’s feelings, you can help her learn a new way to express herself… verbally! Even if your guesses are wrong, your child will respond to your efforts to tune into her. When young kids have tantrums, […]