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Sharing Your Kids With Your Ex During the Holidays

Divorce, it’s not a topic we usually think of when we’re considering holiday plans, but for children whose parents live separately, holidays can be both wonderful and complicated. I know they were for me. My parents divorced when I was five and optimist that I am, I could be heard saying things like, “I’m glad […]

“I don’t need you anymore.”

Last week I was absentmindedly helping Julia put on her shoes when she pushed my hand away and said, “I don’t need you anymore.” Initially I was shocked (she’s 2!), and then I felt hurt. Then I understood that she didn’t mean that she will never need me for anything ever again. Afterward I thought […]

Is Big picking on Little?

Siblings. They can play well together, enjoy one another, and be super sweet to each other, and then in an instant the tables can turn. Suddenly you’re rushing to the aid of one child, admonishing the other, and feeling frazzled and confused about what really happened. A LOT can happen in an instant, and it’s […]

It’s OK to cry

“Dagny III” by Christee Cook Have you ever noticed that when a child cries, often the first things out of our mouths are things like, “You’re OK” (minimizing their experience) or “Oh no! Don’t cry!” (asking them to deny their experience) or even, “What’s wrong?!” (asking them to think about and describe the upsetting event). […]

Three ways to stop yelling and still be heard

Although we’re all aware, caring, conscious parents, you know as well as I do that there are times when we lose control and we find ourselves saying the very words we swore we’d never say to our kids. I’m sure there have even been times when you *gasp* yelled at your kids. So, what can […]

Connected Parenting Key: get curious

First of all, I’d like to introduce my newest audio program: 8 Steps to Connected Parenting For those of you who want a quick, easy guide to some of the most important aspects of creating connection with your kids, I’ve recorded 8 Steps to Connected Parenting, my audio guide to Conscious Parenting 101.  You can […]

The taking-it-personally vortex

It’s hard not to take certain things kids say personally. I might be smiling, but I’m just an inch away from the taking-it-personally vortex.

The joys and challenges of spending the holidays with family

Happy holidays everybody!  I hope you’re having a lovely time together as a family and I know that when we get extra time together with our immediate families and especially when we spend time with extended family, tensions can run high.  I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Almost inevitably when we celebrate with […]

Seek first to understand…

In his Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey enjoins us to “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” As hard as this may be to remember to do with other adults sometimes, I find it even harder to remember to do with my son. Recently I got my son and his stepbrother […]

One simple trick for hard times: Imagine how you want it to go

Learn how to keep peace of mind and a sense of control during your kids’ worst moments.