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How to handle tantrums lovingly

Confused about how to deal with tantrums? I sure was. I couldn’t figure out why my students or charges would just flip out over seemingly trivial things like the color of their socks. There were times when I changed the color of a child’s cup so many times I had a huge pile of dishes […]

My child is scared of so many things…

As an introduction to Awake Parent’s new audio program, Perspectives on Feelings, Jill Nagle responds to a parent’s question about addressing her child’s many fears.

What if they only say “I love you” when they get what they want?

Hey Everybody, Jill and I are gearing up for the big launch of the Perspectives on Feelings audio program. So, we thought we’d start by answering some of your specific questions about how to deal with feelings and how kids express their feelings. In this video I describe some things that Marcella can try with […]

“I’m rubber, you’re glue…” Ways of responding to name-calling

Lately my son has been telling me some new things, including… “I hate you!”, “I hate you both!” (to his dad and me), “You’re making me starve!” (when I won’t cook a second or third dinner) and “You’re a poo-poo head!” I hadn’t heard these things from him until recently. Well now, the “poo-poo head” […]