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5 Ways Bringing Montessori Home Makes Life Easier

There are lots of reasons why I love Montessori education. It’s respectful, holistic, intellectually and socially stimulating, and child-directed. But one of my favorite things about Montessori is how much easier it is to be an adult spending time with children in a Montessori environment than it is in most any other environment. Here are […]

Easy DIY Bone Identification Lesson

I bought this skeleton from Michael’s for under $10 last Halloween. Then I cut some card stock for labels. You could make it look even better by printing the words out on the card stock before cutting the labels. My daughter loves to play our “bone game!” Just present with the three part lesson and […]

3 Year Old Independently Hammers Nails

My daughter hammered nails outside by herself for about 20 minutes before I shot this video. Just a few weeks ago she was unable to start the nails or hammer them in independently, and now she can! I’m so proud of my little builder.

Terrified of the Terrible Twos? How About Terrific Twos Instead!

Yes, it is true that two-year-old children don’t have much impulse control or emotion regulation skills and that coupled with their very strong preferences has given them a bad reputation as irrational and explosive. I’ve been told all sorts of things about “the terrible twos,” especially when I was a nanny and again as I […]

DIY Button Board

This button board was simple to make. You just need: 1) A board 2) Felt 3) Buttons 4) Sharp scissors & a sewing kit Simply sew the buttons onto a piece of felt the same size as your board. Then glue it onto the board with fabric or wood glue. Cut out shapes and cut […]

DIY Montessori Counting Activity

I recently created this Montessori counting activity for our Montessori inspired homeschool. I started with number stickers and card-stock. Laminated the number cards. Found these beautiful blue glass counters in our game closet, stuck them in a beautiful ceramic bowl. Put everything on a tray and voila! We now have a very popular counting work […]

Montessori at Home VIDEO: 2 1/2 year old whisks eggs

My daughter loves to help whisk our eggs in the morning!

Winter Fun: Bean Bin!

Our Simple Inexpensive Bean Bin 1) Shallow plastic bin with lid 2) Lots of dried beans 3) Cups, pitchers, scoops, and bowls 4) Set it up on a chair 5) Put it away and take it out when you need some uninterrupted time in the kitchen.

DIY Montessori Three Part Cards

In Montessori education, three part cards are used for all sorts of things. They can be used to teach a wide variety of information using a basic form that can be reproduced easily. Let me be clear here, three part cards are intended to be used with children who are reading. If your child isn’t […]

Montessori Inspired Plant Watering Activity

              Montessori Inspired Plant Watering Activity What you’ll need: A tray that you don’t mind getting wet A clear pitcher already filled with a small amount of water A hardy plant that needs a drink A nearby towel available for spills       Here my daughter discovers the […]