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Why We Montessori (my new school just opened!)

About six months ago I realized that Julia is ready for preschool. She loves to go to story time at the library, enjoys social interactions, is absorbing information at a phenomenal rate, and is beginning to test the rules and boundaries, all indicators of readiness for greater social challenges. So I went and visited a […]

First Sink and Float Activity

Julia’s first sink/float activity! I simply wrote sink and float at the top of a piece of card stock, drew a line down the center and then laminated it. Then I collected some items that sink and some that float. I poured the water into the bucket for her and she had a blast testing […]

Your Work/My Work

In the Montessori classrooms I’ve worked in, there are usually twenty-four children between three and six years old and just two adults. Each child has free choice of hundreds of possible activities in the classroom, and in order to maintain peace and order, we HAVE to create some rules and boundaries. One of the rules […]

Kitchen Drawers

Kitchen drawer 1: child-sized silverware, dishes, washcloths, snack cup, glasses, and cloth napkins.           Kitchen drawer 2: Towels, brush, and dustpan.

New Shelves!

 My dad came to visit last weekend and we whipped together these new shelves for all of Julia’s Montessori work. She loves seeing her activities so beautifully displayed and we built these shelves with minimal tools. Success!

First Montessori Cloth Washing Activity

I just used a plastic dish bin with about 2 inches of warm soapy water and this great child-sized washing board from Montessori Services I also got her smock there.  We put a towel down on the floor in case of spills. My daughter happily scrubbed away at these dirty rags and when she was […]

First Montessori Spooning Activity

My daughter first showed interest and readiness for spooning at around 17 months old. I began with this easy to use spoon and large beans. I used a clear glass jar so she could see the beans and her spoon during the entire process. And I used a beautiful hand made ceramic bowl for her […]

Noticing your child’s signals about next developmental steps

A friend and I were talking the other day and she mentioned that one of her biggest challenges with providing activities for her children is knowing where they’re at developmentally. I can relate. Figuring out which activities will be engaging and challenging without being frustrating for kids can be a confusing undertaking. So here are […]

Video: Access to Breakables

I am super excited to announce the upcoming release of my very first book!  Cracking the Kid Code will be available on October 18th.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the content.

Open and close activities are a big hit!

Have you ever noticed how much young children love to open and close things? And how they’ll repeat the opening and closing action again and again? If you think about it, we open and close things all the time in our daily lives, so why wouldn’t children want to learn this important skill? One of […]