Category: Taking it personally

How to Hold Space for a Tantrum and Actually Enjoy Yourself

This morning we made it all the way to the car with everything we needed for the day but for some reason when I suggested that my daughter hand me her lunch box so that she could climb into the car, she freaked. After some tears and some pushing me away and something garbled that […]

Helping Kids Eat Healthy Foods

Here’s a question I hear a lot from parents of toddlers (and older children too): “How do I get them to eat nutritious foods?” Well, I’m going to give it to you straight, but you might not like what I have to say on the subject. The current research is clear about two things: 1) […]

“I don’t need you anymore.”

Last week I was absentmindedly helping Julia put on her shoes when she pushed my hand away and said, “I don’t need you anymore.” Initially I was shocked (she’s 2!), and then I felt hurt. Then I understood that she didn’t mean that she will never need me for anything ever again. Afterward I thought […]

The taking-it-personally vortex

It’s hard not to take certain things kids say personally. I might be smiling, but I’m just an inch away from the taking-it-personally vortex.

One simple trick for hard times: Imagine how you want it to go

Learn how to keep peace of mind and a sense of control during your kids’ worst moments.

“I’m rubber, you’re glue…” Ways of responding to name-calling

Lately my son has been telling me some new things, including… “I hate you!”, “I hate you both!” (to his dad and me), “You’re making me starve!” (when I won’t cook a second or third dinner) and “You’re a poo-poo head!” I hadn’t heard these things from him until recently. Well now, the “poo-poo head” […]