Praise for Shelly’s Parent Coaching:

“Shelly immediately addressed our current struggles at home”

I became familiar with Shelly through her “Awake Parent Perspectives” blog. After reading one entry, I knew she was a woman I wanted on my team.

I emailed her with a few questions regarding my son, we had a Skype chat and within an hour of honest, open discussion, I had written a full page of simple ideas, activities, and shifts that immediately addressed our current struggles at home.

She was able to pinpoint underlying issues from one or two words that I said…and give a great solution. I feel very blessed to now have Shelly as a support system and idea factory for the times when I am truly exhausted and stumped by my son’s behaviors.

I look forward to further chats as my son and infant daughter grow bigger and as we all grow together as a cohesive, cooperative, and communicative family unit. –Allison Murphy Bend, OR

photo“You’re fantastic Shelly!”

Thank you so much for your blog. I have been really digging NVC and love the pamphlet that you sent me.  I certainly can’t do it all the time, but I think step by step its been helping some of the big fits my tender creative little fireball has.  I really appreciate your work.  Thanks for being you and for living your practice in your work and family.” –Kara Moore O’Leary


“I hung up the call feeling refreshed and inspired.”

“After only 3 minutes via Skype, I found Shelly to be very easy to talk with regarding our current parenting challenges. She was kind, considerate and even complimented me on my awareness with these issues!

Shelly provided me with a variety of practical ways to try to communicate with our 3-year old daughter along with games to play to attain the communication we are looking for. She also provided me with realistic and helpful parental resources.

I am on my way to creating my personal goals with these challenges and I plan on following through and utilizing the resources Shelly provided. I hung up the call feeling refreshed and inspired. Thank you Shelly.”

— Morgan, Mother of 2 (3 year old and 5 month old girls), Sandpoint, Idaho


“She validates my wisdom and empowers me with practical strategies”

What a difference an hour of coaching with Shelly makes! Shelly listens with compassion and hears what’s happening for me through the filter of a knowing parent and an experienced educator and counselor.

Shelly asks questions that reveal underlying issues. She validates my wisdom and empowers me with practical strategies and resources. –Christine L.


“Just the right mix of support and insight”

When I have come to Shelly for help as a coaching client, I have admired both her wealth of knowledge, and the way she dispenses it. She has a way of seeing into the heart of a situation, and providing just the right mix of support and insight at the right time.

I recommend Shelly’s parent coaching wholeheartedly. –Jill Nagle



“I always leave my conversations with Shelly feeling better!”

Shelly is my #1 go-to person when I am struggling as a parent. Her kind & generous listening, combined with a wealth (and years) of experience & training with all ages & in various styles make her suggestions down-to-earth & practical.  That she is a
parent herself, now, has me trust her even more.  I always leave my conversations with Shelly feeling better!

Kendra Cunov, Yoga Teacher, Relationship Coach, Facilitator & Mom to 2-year-old Trent


“Shelly changed all of our lives”

Shelly gave me three tips on handling my son’s middle of the night tantrums. I put them to test that very night and Voila! It was MAGIC! My son woke up and I changed the way I interacted with him and he went back to sleep with no problem and was happy about it. (!!!)

The energy was completely different. No screaming fits. No kicking and throwing himself around. It happened again today during his nap time. I soothed him right away and he went back to sound sleeping. I am SOLD!

Shelly just changed all of our lives. Not only do we get more sleep at night, but we are all a lot happier on top of it. Thank you so much Shelly. Your knowledge is golden. xo*Catherine Just, Mother of 2 1/2 yr old Max


“When I least expected it, he was opening up with little stories to share”

I really appreciate the grounded, tangible spin Shelly puts on the challenges I experience in my relationship with my son. I must say that the last week with Sky was EXCELLENT! I solicited his help a lot — for help around the house and for help in connecting with him.

I found him sharing all kinds of things with me throughout the week, when I least expected it, he was opening up with little stories to share. I loved this and my time with him. Thank You Shelly! It helps so much to be in dialogue with someone who so obviously cares and has practical, tangible tools! — Dana Boyd Renault

“Shelly is an enthusiastic and experienced resource for families with children.”

“Shelly is an enthusiastic and experienced resource for families with children. She is sensitive and respectful, providing both theoretical and situational knowledge to address the needs of her clients. She presents a wealth of parenting concepts in a friendly and supportive fashion with lots of real life examples that make it easy to turn concepts into action. She works well in individual and group settings and has empowered our family by expanding our toolbox of options and solutions.” –Aaron Kadoch


We love the “Perspectives on Feelings” Audio Program!

“Tears and anger are gone faster”

“I found myself feeling frustrated and angry when [my son] would burst into tears at things that seemed ‘no big deal’ to me. Since listening to Perspectives on Feelings, I have consciously practiced being a safe container for his feelings — listening to his feelings. I find that the tears and uprising of anger last a much shorter time when I really tune in… and then he’s happy again and ready to get going.”

Kristin Liabraaten, mother of two, Bend OR


 “My children deserve the best version of me”

“A miracle! Five minutes in I couldn’t help but start to think about all the mothers I know that would greatly benefit from hearing this! I really liked the casual conversation style.

Clearing my mental and emotional clutter has created ‘space’ to live and parent more consciously, with greater awareness and focus. My children deserve the best version of me possible.”

Catherina Simones, mother of two, Bend OR


 “Transitions go much smoother now”

“A recent challenge I’ve been having with my two year old is ‘transitions’. From playing to leaving the house, to going to the bathroom, or getting dressed. Listening to Perspectives on Feelings inspired me to handle these situations differently. I especially liked the ‘explicit listening’ and ‘holding space’ approaches.”

Aria Baker, mother of two, Bend OR