Easy DIY Toddler Sink

This is our toddler sink. It was simple to set up and gets daily use. In fact, my 2 1/2 year old daughter often decides to independently wash her hands here. The height of your table or shelf is one of the most important things to ensure success. Also, keep the water level low enough to allow for your child’s whole arm to go in without displacing the water. Provide soap in a small dish and a towel to dry off with (Julia still needs help with pushing up her sleeves and drying off). To really engage your child, demonstrate for him taking great care to soap up well. I find that adding a nail brush also encourages fastidiousness. Enjoy!



What is that made out of?  What is the actual sink component?  I have a two year old who loves to wash his hands at day care in the child size sink but I don't like the idea of him standing on a stool in our tiled bathroom since he is not standing on his own yet.  Thanks!

AwakeShelly moderator

 @armenissian It's an old fashioned Enamelware bowl. It's metal but it's coated in enamel so that it doesn't rust. I got mine at an antique shop but you can also get them at http://www.montessoriservices.com look under the "washing and cleaning" tab. Thanks for asking!