Parent Coaching

What people are saying about Shelly’s Parent Coaching…

“Shelly immediately addressed our current struggles at home” –Allison Murphy

“I hung up the call feeling refreshed and inspired.” –Morgan

“She validates my wisdom and empowers me with practical strategies” –Christine L.

“Just the right mix of support and insight” –Jill Nagle

“I always leave my conversations with Shelly feeling better!” –Kendra Cunov

Hey there! I’m Shelly Birger Phillips M.A. and my purpose is to support you to be absolutely the best parent you can be. My academic background includes extensive undergraduate studies in developmental research psychology and a master’s degree in leadership with an emphasis on parenting. I also have experience working in Montessori education.

My parent coaching practice encourages parents to proactively create the kinds of relationships they most want with themselves and their children. I want you to know that you really can reduce tantrums and fully enjoy your time with your kids whether you work full time or are a stay at home or work from home parent.

Over the last decade, I’ve worked with over a thousand clients to empower them to leave behind disempowering beliefs and to step into more freedom and power in their lives. I have studied compassionate communication in depth and am a passionate advocate of peaceful communication and will support you to take full responsibility for your emotional experience.

I love to work with people one on one over the phone or video Skype. It’s such a pleasure to get the opportunity to connect with you and supporting you through coaching would absolutely be my honor.

Guess what?! Now you can get Skype video coaching with me at the same prices as my regular phone coaching. Just email me directly at to get started!

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