Maureen Laltoo

Shelly is the goddess of connection and communication. She has helped me learn to approach my kids with lightness and humor even in challenging moments. Her skills, resources, and creativity have helped me develop some of my favorite parenting tools. Through our coaching, Shelly supported me to make concrete changes and find new ways to […]

Aaron Kadoch

Shelly is an enthusiastic and experienced resource for families with children. She is sensitive and respectful, providing both theoretical and situational knowledge to address the needs of her clients. She presents a wealth of parenting concepts in a friendly and supportive fashion with lots of real life examples that make it easy to turn concepts […]

Dana Boyd Renault

I really appreciate the grounded, tangible spin Shelly puts on the challenges I experience in my relationship with my son. I must say that the last week with Sky was EXCELLENT! I solicited his help a lot — for help around the house and for help in connecting with him. I found him sharing all […]

Kendra Cunov
Yoga Teacher & Mom to 2-year-old Trent

Shelly is my #1 go-to person when I am struggling as a parent. Her kind & generous listening, combined with a wealth (and years) of experience & training with all ages & in various styles make her suggestions down-to-earth & practical. That she is a parent herself, now, has me trust her even more. I […]

Jill Nagle

When I have come to Shelly for help as a coaching client, I have admired both her wealth of knowledge, and the way she dispenses it. She has a way of seeing into the heart of a situation, and providing just the right mix of support and insight at the right time. I recommend Shelly’s […]

Catherine Just

Shelly gave me three tips on handling my son’s middle of the night tantrums. I put them to test that very night and Voila! It was MAGIC! My son woke up and I changed the way I interacted with him and he went back to sleep with no problem and was happy about it. (!!!) […]