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A cure for clutter: using a rug to define a workspace

Are you tired of tripping over your child’s toys or bugging the kids to pick them up off the living room floor?  Using a rug to define your child’s workspace is a great solution that works well for everyone! You might even already have a rug that will work well.  You want a rag rug, […]

Understanding willful toddlers

I’m generally a happy and optimistic person.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had dark moments, but for the most part I enjoy my life and am grateful for it.  However, when I’m with a toddler who seems intent on pushing my buttons, I am hating life.   It seems like no matter what I do to […]

The magic question

Are you wanting more ease and cooperation from your kids this week?  I have a magic question that will get you exactly that.  One great thing about this question is that it also works well with other adults.   Another wonder of this magic question is that when people ask you this question you feel honored, […]

The simpler the better

Hey Everybody, I’m back!  My beautiful daughter is nearly 2 months old and I’m excited to be back in touch with you all.Before I go on, a special thanks to all my guest bloggers. You all really helped me out and provided great content for our awakeparent community! OK, so you know the principle of […]

Simple changes at home can help kids feel comfortable and capable

When I worked in Montessori schools I was consistently amazed at how happy, engaged, and capable the kids in my class were.  This got me thinking, “If kids can be this self-sufficient and joyful in a classroom, then why not at home too?!”  I’ve noticed that young people often feel frustration at living in a […]

Got a wild child? Give ‘em more responsibility!

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but working in preschools has taught me that when kids act out, it’s often because they’re bored and want attention from us. I’ve noticed that when I give these kids MORE responsibility, jobs to do, and tasks to complete (without being too ATTACHED to them actually accomplishing the task) they […]

How I averted a power struggle and created a game instead

After I learned to Go for the Giggle, I had an experience with a child in which I could see two distinct choices before me of how to handle a potential power struggle. It was another afternoon with “Kyle”, six years old, and “Neil”, who was two. I was sitting in the playroom folding the […]

Five Keys to Getting Kids to Help with Clean-up

Ever wonder why you can’t get your kids to help clean up? I know, it seems like a nice idea and all, but how the heck do you actually get kids to want to and enjoy helping with clean up? At first, I didn’t think it was possible either. But it turns out, I was […]